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How to Install Komodo Edit on Ubuntu 18.04 Desktop

This tutorial explains how to install Komodo Edit on Ubuntu 18.04. Komodo Edit is a programming text editor and available free for Ubuntu and other Linux operating systems.

Perform the following steps to Install Komodo Edit on Ubuntu 18.04:

Download Komodo Edit for Ubuntu – Go to the Komodo edit download page and download the Linux Package.

Download Komodo Edit for Ubuntu 18.04

Extract the tar archive file – After the download is finished, extract the tar file.

tar -zxvf Komodo-Edit-11.1.0-18196-linux-x86_64.tar.gz

Run the installer – Then, cd into the extracted folder and execute the install.sh script to install Komodo edit:

cd Komodo-Edit-11.1.0-18196-linux-x86_64/
sudo ./install.sh -I /opt/KomodoEdit

After the installation process is complete, add “komodo” to your PATH variable.

First open the .bashrc file in a text editor:

gedit ~/.bashrc

Add following to the bashrc file:

export PATH="/opt/KomodoEdit/bin:$PATH"

Save and reload the bashrc:

source ~/.bashrc

Create desktop launcher for Komodo Edit

To add desktop shortcut, create a text file called “komodo-edit.desktop” on your desktop and add following configuration:

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Komodo Edit 11
Comment=Free multi-platform editor that makes it easy to write quality code.
Exec="/opt/KomodoEdit/lib/mozilla/komodo" %F

Next, right click on the desktop file, Go to Properties > Permissions and check: “Allow executing file as program”.

Create desktop launcher for Ubuntu Komodo Edit

After that, double click to open the desktop file and click “Trust and Launch”.

How to Install Komodo Edit on Ubuntu 18.04 Desktop

You can use Komodo Edit on Ubuntu to develop applications using different programming languages (e.g. PHP, HTML5, JavaScript, Perl, Python, Go and etc.).