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How to Install Notepad++ on Ubuntu 18.04 Desktop

Notepad++ is one of the easy to use and powerful text editor that works well for code editing.

But, if you go to the website notepad-plus-plus.org, it is only available for windows. No installer for Ubuntu 18 or any other Linux distribution. But don’t worry, we can still install notepad++ on Ubuntu, very easily.

Install Notepad++ on Ubuntu 18.04 Desktop

To install Notepad++ on Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver, Open the terminal and execute:

sudo snap install notepad-plus-plus

And that’ all you have to do, You can find the desktop launcher in the Ubuntu application menu.

notepad++ desktop launcher in the Ubuntu application menu

Ubuntu notepad plus plus editor will be automatically upgraded when a new version is available, But you and also run update manually with snap refresh command.

sudo snap refresh notepad-plus-plus

If you want to uninstall notepad-plus-plus, Execute:

sudo snap remove notepad-plus-plus
uninstall notepad-plus-plus on Ubuntu 18


In the old days, to install notepad++ on Ubuntu, First we had to install wine, then download the notepad++ and install it on the top of the wine. But now we have snap package manager and the latest version of notepad++ for Ubuntu available from the snap package manager.